InformationSpan training develops the expert user

InformationSpan training aims to transfer our skills and experience to your information users.

For the enterprise Insight Services client: we can raise your understanding of the marketplace; train your key people in needs analysis (the DRAKE methodology), portfolio development, and service management; and move you to achieving and demonstrating value from your investment.

More widely, we can work to develop information expertise among your user community: whether this is through use of your insight services and feedback, or through deeper understanding and expertise with other external sources such as academic research, vendor information and online material.

We can blend our knowledge, experience and contact with your own to create special events and visits to raise your team's awareness of external developments, emerging technologies and innovative use of an existing service portfolio

For the smaller business, expert knowledge and use of external information is equally important – if not more so. We can support you in developing this crucial skill among your team.

For the Insight Service provider: our marketplace analysis is equally relevant for your sales and relationship teams. We can help develop their effectiveness by discussing the relationship from a true client perspective, based on experience. Through understanding the client's perspective on the overall Insight Services market, they build their understanding of delivering value.

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