3 Nov 2014 Watch out for a restructured and simplified website, and a change of address. Get in touch to find out more!
27 Nov 2012 You are now seeing a restructured website which will make it easier to review information about our services and find links to what we offer. The photo on each page is at least loosely related to its content. Enjoy – and get in touch to find out more!
2 Jul 2012 Updating the Analyst Blogs index: Gartner section updated, Forrester and others to follow. See Analyst Blogs page
21 Feb 2012 New coverage report: Consumerisation. Which insight providers cover what you need to know? More on ITasITis!
5 Aug 2011 Review our new index to Forrester blogs, now including an index by analyst name. More on ITasITis!
3 Aug 2011 Blog Index update started: Gartner section updated. Work in progress!
12 Apr 2011 We've improved the styling and integration of the new site, though it may not be perfect yet. There's a refreshed and updated Blogs index with some new Gartner blogs included.
18 Mar 2011 New InformationSpan website launched, with simpler navigation. We've restarted the news feed; watch this space!