The Compleat Insight Service provider

insight ecosystem

IT Insight Services is a complex marketplace to operate in.

InformationSpan uses the term Insight Services to describe the spread of IT analysts, advisory and research providers. Clients are looking for insight to support their IT strategies and operational decisions.

InformationSpan has analysed the operational and delivery models, industry structure and information "ecosystem" of your marketplace. This knowledge is supported through many years' personal experience in selecting and managing, and in directly using, services from a range of providers.

We understand where your service fits into the landscape, which encompasses providers from the largest global generalists, with wide coverage, to the smallest niche providers. We track developments as new companies arise and others merge or are acquired

Clients rarely work with only one provider; nor should they. You need to be comfortable with your place in their portfolio.

Some teams use external insight – in a panic – only when a project or strategy goes astray. But this can be a springboard to full strategic value. With extensive client-side experience, we can help you work with you and your clients to develop processes and measures which deliver and demonstrate value. InformationSpan's understanding is at your disposal!

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