Strategic decision support for your business

IT Insight Services are your eyes and ears in the IT marketplace

These are the services sometimes called Research Services or IT Analysts. They have unparallelled access to the technology and services marketplace, to assess and report. InformationSpan refers to Insight Services because their role is to provide insight – not to make the decisions for you! Their analysis tools and presentation methods become part of your own armoury, helping you make informed strategic and operational IT decisions.

The best known are Gartner and Forrester Research, but InformationSpan has a database of around 400 providers: generalists and specialised, small and large,, local or global. Premium services are available only through commensurately priced subscriptions, but there's a wide range of useful information at much lower cost; even free, if you know where to look. And there may be more available through the contract you've got already! Enterprise or smaller business, we can help you find what meets your needs.

The right insight sources, with the right relationship, can have an impact far beyond the subscription cost.

The Panic Cycle

The Panic Cycle captures our understanding of how to derive value from your insight service portfolio; and how not to!

Some teams reach for external insight – in a panic – when a project or strategy goes astray. But this can be a springboard to full strategic value.

InformationSpan knows the capabilities and limitations of both mainstream and niche insight providers. Our DRAKE methodology supports a clear needs analysis and our portfolio structure model helps select the right services. Our management tools support a strategic relationship for maximum benefit from your providers.

Not all providers are equal, and not all work in the same way. We can share our knowledge and experience of the marketplace. We know who can connect you at the highest level, and how to find your own sources. We have a database of over 400 varied providers, and our own knowledge of both people and technologies. And we understand how to match research and hard-headed assessment to innovation and competitive advantage.

The best Insight Service users spend what is right (not more) and gain the maximum value from their investment. We can help you build your portfolio, and manage it to deliver proven value.

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