Creative IT expertise on a smaller budget

Smith and Klein

The smaller business can't match enterprise spending, either in technology or for decision support.

But – especially if the enterprise is your client – you need to think the same way, range as widely in understanding IT issues, and be even more expert in your decision making and spending.

When it comes to insight services, the high cost rules out premium services. But it's possible to keep in touch with strategic IT thinking without spending a fortune. And there are specialist providers for some sectors which are more accessible.

Not all providers are equal, and not all work in the same way. Our knowledge of the insight services marketplace means that we know how to identify the right resources for your business and budget. We understand how to match research and hard-headed assessment to innovation and competitive advantage. And, as technology experts, we can help directly with short-term technology investigations.

In technology provisioning, the smaller business can often be more agile, and be more open to using online or open source alternatives. Online collaboration, multi-media presentations, video conferencing, shared calendar management: these are no longer big-budget items requiring heavyweight infrastructure. But do you know the online tools?

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