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Gartner's Blog Network is a rich resource. It currently comprises personal insights from around 140 analysts, though many blogs are dormant and some have been retained on the system even where analysts have left Gartner. There are also a handful of blogs on specific topics, which are given individual titles. Blog content is not given the stamp of official Gartner analysis.
Gartner's only online index is a "who's blogging" page, listing the most recently active bloggers (around 100). InformationSpan indexes Gartner's blogs both by analyst name, and by topic. We include industry verticals, IT management, and other Gartner services as well as technology areas. We show the contributors' biographies even when they are not listed in Gartner's own online analyst directory – some of these bloggers are members of Gartner's management team, or support their Executive Programs. We also continue to list Gartner blogs which have ceased activity, and which may no longer be listed in the Blog Network, but whose content is still accessible; and, for one update period, analysts who have left Gartner whose blogs have been deleted.
You may also like to use the index by coverage area (technical and non-technical) as a route to Gartner's fuller descriptions of their coverage topics, which is hard to find directly from their own site.
Former Burton Group services are now marketed as Gartner for Technical Professionals although they are still sometimes referred to as IT1 or Burton services. There is one legacy IT1 blog (see the link by technical areas). The former Burton blogs are not indexed by Gartner, but can still be reached from our Burton index.
Our pages indexing blogs by their coverage areas has been split into two, for IT technical topics and for non-technical coverage, reflecting growth in the number of blogs indexed. We also provide, on this page, a Google search to enable you to find content in all the active and legacy blogs referenced here.
  • View analysts' personal blogs by analyst name
  • View coverage of IT technology areas
  • View blogs for non-technical areas including: Gartner services and management; content for specific industry sectors; and marketing topics
  • View Gartner's titled blogs – not all of these are directly linked from Gartner's blog pages
  • View legacy Burton Group blog content
  • Search Gartner blogs from our lead page
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  • Gartner Blog Search

    Search Gartner's online blogs, including the ones not visible through Gartner's own Blog Home, using a custom search from DuckDuckGo. Results are displayed by DuckDuckGo in a new window. Burton Group blogs are no longer included.

    Other Gartner content
    Gartner offer a free sign-up. This gives limited access to formal research summaries and, in some cases, to full documents, as well as the open content from the Blog Network.
    Gartner's podcast, Gartner Voice, has not published regularly since 2010, but content is still on their system. Use this link to the Gartner Voice page, or open iTunes and search for Gartner Voice. AMR's Research Matters ceased in mid 2009; it was until recently accessible on iTunes, but the title has now been re-used by a different provider.
    Gartner webinars are now generally free to attend, or move to on-demand open access after a period; presentation materials can be downloaded. There are other media links throughout the Gartner website either linked to Symposium or providing short tasters on important topics.
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