Commodity provider – or strategic partner?

For both client and provider, effective management is the key to delivering value

The insight services market is complex. Some clients see only the information, presented in reports, and view this as a commodity to be purchased when needed from any provider. Others see the potential for a fully strategic relationship.

The Panic Cycle captures our understanding of the way clients use insight services. It's named because some clients first reach out when a project or strategy has failed, and support is urgently needed. But this can be the basis of a deeper strategic relationship. At root, both client and provider need to look for the opportunities which develop the service from information to insight.

To move the relationship forward needs a shared understanding of what is being delivered. Metrics need to show more than the basics of cost and response times: they must demonstrate the value delivered to the client. This isn't easy, and needs work from both sides of the relationship.

InformationSpan can help develop a closer fit between client's needs and provider's offerings; help you mutually develop with them the tools to deliver and to demonstrate value; and work towards a deep strategic relationship.

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