Actively seeking information

Effective strategy doesn't wait for information to cross your desk. You need to actively seek sources of news, information, analysis and insight.

The difference between Pooh and Rabbit in A.A. Milne's books was that Rabbit "never let things come to him. He always went and fetched them". But sometimes "fetching them" feels like a lonely task in the face of the storm.

Active research of course involves building and developing a network of contacts. Online tools such as LinkedIn have made this easier, but IT specialists rely on personal interactions not just indirect ones. Professional events are valuable for this, and it's easier with some organisations than with others.

Sometimes it can be incomparably valuable to go "into the field" and encounter new developments at first hand. There's a value in taking time out to look beyond the demands of day-to-day delivery and short-term planning to get ahead of potential new opportunities, and share in creative ideas at the leading edge.

InformationSpan's network of contacts and sources can be at your service through research engagements. Your own IT vendors, partners and providers will be ready to share their ideas, and some Insight providers offer study tours. Tony Law has participated in and has led "field trips", technology fairs and other creative events. He knows these at first hand, or can help you shape your own.

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