Effective meetings – effective decisions

The Ascent

Sometimes, running a meeting can be a distraction from achieving its aims.

Expert facilitation helps you and your colleagues stick to an agreed agenda and timescale, and achieve your targets.

A facilitator will know the techniques which may help you work through difficulties creatively, and achieve a better solution. Formal presentations, breakouts, brainstorms, and round-the-table sharing are just the start. The facilitator will help shape the way your agenda is structured, and then support you in delivering it.

The facilitator is not an expert in your topic, but knows how to ensure everyone's view is heard and that discussions move to an appropriate conclusion. It's a small investment, with big dividends.

Tony Law is a trained and experienced facilitator, with practical experience over many years. He can work with both face to face and online meetings. His broad technical and business knowledge can be put to work to help shape a workshop agenda. He has worked in meetings involving delegates from major UK and global organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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