The Expert Information User

Expert users of information have a wide range of sources at their fingertips: and know which to trust for which purposes.

Some of these may be paid-for subscription sources, augmented by well-developed personal knowledge of and relationship with individual analysts. InformationSpan has a database of over 400 providers, ranging from the best-known high-profile global insight firms to the local, specialist and independent. We can help you find the right sources for your needs and budget.

These will be supplemented from the wide variety of open access information. The range is vast: blog posts from the major analysts, niche specialists, academic research, trade press and general news sources, and much more. The skill is in assessing the relevance and reliability of different sources, and being able to rapidly find useful information.

The best information workers build on personal relationships and experience as well as on published and for-fee sources.

InformationSpan knows the capabilities and limitations of both mainstream and niche insight providers. Our experience of research at all levels, from academic computer science and management studies to the IT analysts, is at your disposal.

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