Consultancy engagements

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We can work alongside you to develop your approach to technology strategy, insight services provision and user education.

InformationSpan consultancy can help in any area of our expertise:

•  implement DRAKE needs analysis to create an initial Insight Services portfolio specification
•  build on our wide knowledge of the marketplace to help identify the combination of providers who meet those needs and can work effectively with you
•  work with your principal providers to develop a management framework and move towards a strategic insight relationship
•  help you develop an appropriate approach to developing and novel technology, taking into account the business needs and risk appetite
•  report for you on specific technologies of interest, going behind the press reports and hype to understand the origins and potential
•  work with you to lead or support the development of specific technology-related events within or beyond your own enterprise

We blend our knowledge, experience and contact with your own, to develop information expertise among your user community, so that your team can continue effectively once the engagement is completed.

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