Making sense of disruptive technologies

Despite the financial climate, the technology torrent hasn't slowed

And the impetus is in the consumer space: mobile technologies, Apple's iPad, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, and the rest of the iceberg. Should the enterprise explit public infrastructure, or keep its internal conversations on private platforms?

New collaborative tools create options within and beyond your enterprise. But today's distributed information resources and connected ways of working also challenge architecture, management and security.

Sometimes, the security of a strong established vendor is imperative. But at other times, a tactical investment in a novel technology can create competitive advantage. The key is to understand and exploit the difference – set out in this ITasITis blog post from 2011.

InformationSpan understands technology. We can help you to:

assess emerging competitors to established technologies, reaching the truth behind the hype
research specific technologies or technology areas
identify the insight sources which will provide authoritative views

Our technology watch expertise includes

supporting you in establishing technology monitoring processes
… and in creating evaluation and decision frameworks

Tony Law has been active in these areas for many years. He's seen the centres of this explosion at first hand, including Google, MIT's renowned Media Lab,, Amazon Web Services, and many more. He knows the research centres of established names such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and Intel. He developed the STEP framework for opportunity assessment. And he knows the insight services market, providing assessment and support for decision making.

Span the divide between the enterprise tools in use now, and the potential – and risk – of the new opportunities.

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