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Do you want access to Gartner or Forrester insight but don't have a subscription?

Do you want to evaluate other sources, or just see what others are saying?

Analyst blogs offer comment by some of the industry's leading analysts, informally (so without the stamp of authority of published research) but responding rapidly to industry events. InformationSpan provides a structured index to the the blog offerings from Gartner and Forrester, the two premier global insight services providers. These directories are designed to be more coherent and more serviceable to the user community than the indexes offered on the providers' own websites. There's a search capability for all Gartner's blogs - the only one, so far as we are aware. And there are links to some other provider blogs that we think are worth checking.

We don't attempt to index the entire IT analyst blogsphere: we recommend Barbara French's Analyst Directory.

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